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11:15 AM – 12:15 PM

The Hasanah Forum: People and Leadership
Nurturing Courageous Leaders

Session Description

Leaders come as individuals or as organisations; they may be sectoral or regional leaders or fall into entirely different categories altogether. Regardless, authentic leadership that can make a difference brings and encourages integrity, intentionality to take the best—and often more difficult - path forward, despite the instinct to follow tried methods. It entails a commitment to purpose, an openness to embrace risk, and the ability to learn and move forward stronger than before. Courageous leadership may not come naturally but can be learned and practised.

Leaders in the social sector also bear an additional responsibility to elevate the profession and gain due recognition for the specialised skills needed for impact. Working in this sector is often not viewed as a "real" and important job. This is vital not only to continue attracting high calibre Asian talent but also to increase accessibility for more diverse profiles, including those from the community. This challenge is coupled with the need to nurture more individuals and organisations to think and act like leaders wherever they may be along the continuum of social impact. Courageous leadership is found today and every day by developing the skills and resilience gained from taking the better, albeit less travelled, path, with the ultimate goal of improving equity and well-being for those who can see it the least.

3 Key Takeaways:

  1. Learn to recognise and foster authentic, intentional and courageous leadership.
  2. Understand the importance of investing resources and building structures towards growing and professionalising the social sector.
  3. Chart out a way forward on what is needed in attracting and nurturing high-calibre talent towards the Asian impact ecosystem.