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11:15 AM - 12:15 PM

The Hasanah Forum: People and Institutions
Collaborating for Systemic Change

Session Description

The urgency to meet the immediate needs of development issues found in our societies often takes precedence over longer-term systemic action. Short-term project-based results are prioritised over more collaborative or inclusive approaches that adapt and evolve, leading towards lasting change while enabling power rebalancing between giver and recipient. The session will explore the contours of systems change – what does it look like, and what challenges need to be kept in mind towards its realistic realisation. At the same time, what behaviours need to be demonstrated together and separately by the public, private, or third sector – to adapt to current realities and the needs on the ground in improving the human condition.

Given its influence and staying power, philanthropic institutions have a responsibility to confront pre-conceived assumptions and to help drive fundamental change in the ways we operate, leveraging upon the strengths of every stakeholder for greater impact. We are challenged then to re-imagine and envision the potential contours of such collaborations. Changing long-entrenched systems is complex, time-consuming, and requires significant re-examination – sometimes the deconstruction – of stakeholders' values and beliefs. Nonetheless, the call for change must be accompanied by present action.

3 Key Takeaways:

  1. Understand the roles of institutions from across the public, business and third sectors, and their intersectionalities in creating impactful systemic change.
  2. Learn from different models of collaboration, challenges and lessons learnt in achieving and sustaining social impact.
  3. Reimagining institutional structures and opportunities to foster more equitable policies rather than being driven by the regulatory environment.