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08:45 – 9:00AM

Malaysian Cultural Showcase
“Irama Rimba Rentak Kita” by Temple of Fine Arts

Rentak Kita is a captivating musical ensemble that brings together talented Malaysian musicians from diverse music styles. These musicians showcase their remarkable musicality by "conversing" with each other, symbolising a multicultural and symbiotic society. While they speak different musical dialects, they find a common language in rhythm and melody, reflecting our shared experiences and cultural exchanges. 

The ensemble comprises seven exceptional musicians: Prakash Kandasamy, Hisharudy Mahmud, Thong Yoong How, Jyotsna Prakash, Hariraam Tingyuan Lam, Irena Taib, and Pangasaasanii Gowrisan. Each musician brings their unique expertise and passion to the group.